We are pleased to offer the following beers for $4 each throughout the month of February.

Community Beer Co.
Dallas, TX

Public Ale
Extra Special Bitter
The perfect pub pint to share with your mates.
The subtle complexities of this beer begin with a base of 100% Maris Otter English pale malt – prized for its superior, rich, bready taste – which adds a malt complexity that is difficult to achieve with modern, higher yielding malt varieties. English crystal malt increases the malt complexity, brings amber color and some residual sweetness, all of which mingles well with the fully expressed fruity esters developed by our house ale yeast during fermentation. While the hops are noticeable, they are part of an integrated whole, leaving the beer well balanced and drinkable.
ABV 5.5%     IBU 38

Mosaic IPA
This is not your average IPA. From the incredible nose, to the amazing finish, this IPA is one that both session drinkers and beer nerds alike will love.
Mosaic IPA has a noticeable malt backbone to help soften the high level of hop bitterness and flavor, while keeping the body fairly light. The word “Mosaic” is also representative of the diverse range of individuals that make up our community.
ABV 8.6%    IBU 85

Texas Helles
German-Style Helles
Texas Helles is a crisp, golden lager fashioned after the highly drinkable beers found in the boisterous beer halls of Bavaria.
All-German malts create a slightly sweet front balanced by tangy Hallertau hops in the finish. Our five-week lagering process ensures the smoothest, cleanest lager around.
ABV 5%    IBU 18

Belgian-Style White Ale
The mostly-extinct farmhouse breweries of Belgium were notorious for using whatever ingredients were available to them. One of the treasures made by these breweries and nearly lost to history was spiced witbier (white beer).
We brew it traditionally using unmalted wheat as our base and lightly spice the kettle with freshly ground sweet and bitter orange peel and coriander seed. The hops are minimal, keeping the focus on the wheat, spices and the unique character contributed by authentic Belgian yeast strains, one of which originated from the same strain that Pierre brought across the Atlantic to America.
ABV 5.2%    IBU 18

Tasting notes from Community Beer Co.



“Buzz for a Cause” is our way of partnering with local businesses and charities to call attention to their cause. Events are hosted at Little Red Wasp on Thursdays from 5pm – 7pm in the bar and cocktail area. Our capacity is 50 – 60 people for each event.

How it Works: Once a date has been confirmed, you invite your friends, business associates, etc. Let them know if you are trying to raise money for a charity. They come in and are waited on by you, the “guest bartender.” who will help raise donations or simply promote your business. We recommend two people to serve as guest bartenders for each event. If you are raising money for a charity, we will set out donation buckets with a sign stating, who, and what the donations support.
Little Red Wasp provides light bites for those in the bar.

For more details or to schedule a Buzz for a Cause event, please contact Jason at 817-877-3111 or jason@littleredwasp.com.